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The 'Elite'

The ‘Elite’ is an initiative run by Dynamic Freelancers to recognize those who have a high level of experience in their chosen field. Hiring from our ‘Elite’ pool gives you peace of mind that a particular freelancer has a certain level of skill for your most important projects. Join Dynamic Freelancers today to browse our selection of 'Elite' video production and post production professionals.

Qualify for 'Elite' Status

To qualify for ‘Elite’ status, freelancers must have a bachelor’s degree within the media sector, 2 manufacturer certifications in their chosen field, 5 years proven industry experience and 3 broadcast credits within the film or television industry. Due to the strict qualifying criteria, only a small group of freelancers hold this ‘Elite’ status and usually command a slightly higher day rate.

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Dynamic Freelancers Elite

Qualifying Criteria:

  • 5 years Proven Industry Experience
  • 3 Broadcast Credits

Apply for 'Elite' Status

All qualifications and references are checked and verified at the time of application. If you are currently represented by Dynamic Freelancers and believe you now meet the qualifying criteria then please get in touch.

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Note: ‘Elite’ status does not automatically mean one freelancer is better than another. It simply means that a particular individual meets a set of industry specific requirements and has a certain level of experience. It is important to still view showreels and CV’s and make an informed decision on who would be the best fit for your project.

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Manufacturer Certification

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE): After Effects
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE): Illustrator
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE): Photoshop
Adobe Certified Expert (ACE): Premiere Pro
Apple Certified Pro: Final Cut Pro Level 1
Apple Certified Pro: Final Cut Pro Level 2
Apple Certified Pro: FCPX
Apple Certified Pro: FCPX 10.2
Apple Certified Pro: Logic Pro X
Apple Certified Pro: Logic Pro X 10.1
Certified User or Certified Professional: 3DS Max
Certified User or Certified Professional: Maya
MC101: Editing Essentials
MC110: Effects Essentials
MC201: Professional Picture & Sound
MC205: Professional Effects & Compositing
MC239: Colour Grading
Certified BASIC Training: Cinema 4D

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