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Finding Permanent Video Professionals

Finding the right video professional for your business can be a challenge, especially if your usual agency doesn’t know the media sector that well. At Dynamic Freelancers, we don’t just supply the industry’s leading talent on a freelance basis, we also help many companies find the right people for their permanent staff positions as well.

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Unique, Expert Knowledge

Our unique knowledge of the film, TV and video industry positions us perfectly to find the right people for your business. More often that not, it is actually the freelancers we place to cover those that have left, that end up being offered the full time positions! At Dynamic we take the stress and difficulties out of finding the right candidates to interview saving you time and money.

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Our Process

Step: 1


The first stage of the process is to register with Dynamic Freelancers either by phone or email via the Contact Us page. Once we receive your details we’ll draw up all the relevant paperwork and get you signed up as soon as possible.

Step: 2


We ask that you send over a job description for the vacancy you are trying to fill. A member of our recruitment team will then be in touch to discuss the specifics of the role and the candidate required in more detail.

Step: 3


We handle all external advertising on your behalf at no additional cost, posting the job on a variety of industry specific websites and across social media. We also list the job on our own website(s) as well as pushing out to our vast network of freelancers. Advertising in this way has been hugely successful in the past and gives you the best chance of finding the right people.

Step: 4


>Using our internal and external resources we begin the search to find the perfect candidate for your team. As we operate a high-end post production facility ourselves, we know exactly what to look for in a candidate and ask them to meet with us in the first instance. Meeting face to face with the candidates and asking all the right industry specific questions help us refine our search further ensuring only the very best people are put forward.

Step: 5


At this stage we have a solid list of candidates that we put forward to you. We send over all the relevant CV’s and showreels and ask that you choose which applicants to interview. The team at this point continues on with the search so there are more options available should this be necessary.

Step: 6


Once we receive your list of interviewees, we’ll make all the arrangements for the candidates to come and see you. After the interviews, a member of the recruitment team will be in touch to discuss the applicants and receive any feedback. If any of the candidates are unsuccessful at this stage we will notify them on your behalf.

Step: 7


Once you have decided on a candidate, we then help through the offers and negotiation stage. You let us know what offer you would like to make and we’ll kick off the negotiations…

Step: 8


Once the candidate has accepted the offer, we’ll then hand over to your human resources department to finalize the hire.

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