Welcome to the resources section of the website! Here you will find useful articles, tips and advice on getting started as a freelancer in the media business as well as other industry news.

Getting Started

Getting Started

If you’re new to the freelance world then you’re in the right place! The resource section of Dynamic Freelancers is […]

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How to write a CV

Writing Your CV

Is there such thing as writing the perfect CV for the media industry? Possibly not… That said, there are some […]

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Making you Video Showreel

Making Your Showreel

In addition to having a well-written CV, it is also essential for any media professional to have a good showreel. […]

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Setting up a Limited Company

Self-Employed vs Limited Company

If you’ve recently decided to make the leap into the freelance world then your first question was probably ‘should I […]

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